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We are a non-profit organization made of high schoolers committed to encouraging fellow students to write regardless of background.

One of the biggest obstacles teen authors often face are the entry fees associated with submitting writing; this is why our contest does not have any fees. We also work towards hearing perspectives from high schoolers around the world. This is why we do not hold in-person events. Most importantly, we provide feedback about each submission after awards are announced. This is to help our competitors grow as writers.

We are mostly known for our annual writing contest, Quill and Keyboard Teen International Writing Competition. There are over sixteen different categories of writing: Poetry, Songs, Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Short Story, Personal Essay & Memoir, Novel Writing, Journalism, Humor, Flash Fiction, Dramatic Script, Critical Essay, Horror, Philosophy, Speeches, and last by not least, Classics Literary Adaptations. We pick four winners from each category: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mentions. The winners will receive certificates and will be featured on our social media and this website.

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Email us at: [email protected]